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Skype founders/eBay legal spat ends, gets 14 percent stake in new Skype

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eBay has announced that it has settled a lawsuit with the co-founders of Skype around its sale of the VoIP service, allowing the deal signed by eBay with several investment firms to sell a majority stake in the company worth US$2 billion to go ahead as planned. The founders, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, will take on a 14 percent stake of the company, while eBay will still hold a […]

Joost goes head-on-head with Hulu … in Anime?

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Anime fans are rejoicing after today’s announcements. After talking about Hulu’s announcement on anime, Joost has now decided to release an onslaught of new anime titles. The new anime shows include the original Japanese versions (with English subtitles) of Naruto and Death Note (same as Hulu); the subtitled and dubbed versions of Ikki Tousen, Gun Frontier and Saiyuki; the subtitled versions of Izumo; and the dubbed versions of Astro Boy, […]

Joost to launch joint venture in China

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Remember Joost? Joost was created by the founders of Skype; and has now made a joint venture in China, teaming up with a Hong Kong-based company and will show content sourced from many production companies around China, including the state-run television CCTV. Read More over at The Journal >

Just Joosting for an Invite…

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Joost has now gone public, kind of. It’s still in close beta, but there is no longer a limit if you download the latest version… but how will the web handle the madness. I am here to explain…

The Golden Ticket of Joost

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Joost… that new service by those guys who created Skype, before selling it to E-Bay. Well, beta testing is one of the geek’s passion and dreams. But Joost decided to use it as marketing. Terence Huynh writes…

Joost Commercial [Not Ready for Superbowl]

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The internet is buzzing as Joost, the new program that allows you to watch ‘TV Quality’ Videos, has now made it’s first commercial. Joost is created by those people who created Kazza and Skype before selling it…

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