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COMPARISON: Is MOG better than Spotify, Rdio and JB Hi Fi Now?

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We did this for Spotify, but now our chart is a little outdated. MOG, partnering with Telstra, has come to the market today. So we’ve decided to update our chart and compare the new service with the geek-loving Spotify, the Australian-based JB Hi Fi NOW and the other American service Rdio. So how does MOG fair? Find out, after the jump! The chart is below. And if you think we’ve […]

Spotify vs Rdio vs JB Hi Fi Now vs Zune Pass – which is better?

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After years of waiting, Spotify is finally out to Australians. However, it’s a bit late to the game with many other services already available – such as rival Rdio, JB Hi Fi’s NOW service and Microsoft’s own Zune Pass service. But is Spotify better than all of the others? We compared the features, the apps support and the all important price of all four services, so you can make up […]

JB Hi Fi Now app to launch by end of March; supports offline caching

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Tweets by Scott Browning, marketing director for JB Hi Fi, has noted that the company has plans to release the app for its JB Hi Fi NOW streaming service “by the end of March” and has confirmed that it will allow users to download songs on their mobile devices for offline use. The revelation was sparked when one Twitter user asked him about whether or not if the app will […]