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Zune expands to new markets – brings movie rentals to Aussie gamers

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Big news from Redmond for gamers, and those who use their Xbox 360s as a media hub. Microsoft has decided to extend its Zune platform to more markets – despite the fact that the Zune player is only available (officially) in the United States. “The integration between Zune, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox LIVE is an exciting expansion in our entertainment offerings,” Craig Eisler, Corporate VP of Interactive Entertainment Business […]

Licence required to upload videos in Italy under new law

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A new law proposed by the Italian Government could see the citizens of Italy requiring a licence to upload videos to the Internet from the Communications Ministry, which could reduce the freedom of communications, according to lawmakers opposed to the new law. If the law passes, this would make Italy the only country in Europe and the Western world to require government approval to upload videos — even as simple […]

Apple sued because of links to Italian mafia

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A new lawsuit has been filed that has alleged Apple conspired with the Italian Mafia to secretly track a man who thinks that his iPod was used to transmit threatening messages, and insert the word “herpes” into the song “Still Trippin’", sung by Mike Jones. Gregory McKenna, a Beverly Hills, California man, has also said that his bedroom, living room, upstairs bathroom and Toyota Camry were also bugged, but his […]

The most expensive 16GB USB drive in the world

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If you go for the high-end, stylistic gadgets, then this one might interest your eye. Called the MNEMOSYNE, it is a 16 gigabyte USB storage cube that literally makes you disassemble it to actually get the USB drive which is inside the layers that make the cube – no, we are not kidding. Designed by Italy-based Japanese designers Toshi Satoji and Katsuya Masaki, each cube has a unique puzzle pattern […]

Italy to create its own Pirate Bay trial

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Hot off the heels of the “spectrial” in Sweden, Italian prosecutors are hoping to create their own trial against the operators of the Pirate Bay, hoping to prosecute them after a failed attempt in blocking the website from Italians as it was found to be unlawful under Italian’s criminal law. Despite having no jurisdiction, the president of Italian Music Industry Federation (FIMI) Enzo Mazza has said that he is confident […]

Telstra to provide free calls to L’Aquila this week

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Starting today, Telstra has announced that it will be making any calls to the Italian city of L’Aquila free; as Australians are calling the city to check on their family members and friends after the recent earthquake, measuring at a magnitude of 6.3. “To help Australians who are concerned about their friends and family in Italy, Telstra is offering its residential customers free fixed-line telephone calls to contact loved ones […]

New undersea cable severed, disrupts web traffic

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Telecommunication lines between Europe, the Middle East and Asia have been severed, resulting in lost connections via phone and the internet in the affected regions. This is the second time in this year when these cables have been cut, with the first happening earlier in the year, where two lines were only snapped – all in the Egyptian coast. According to the Associated Press, the cable between Italy and Egypt, […]

Google execs. to face trial in Italy?

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According to Reuters, Italian prosecutors have ordered four former and current Google executives to stand trial over a video of a taunted youth with Down syndrome that was posted on the Italian version of YouTube. All four face charges of defamation and failure to exercise control over personal data. This comes after an investigation into an complaint from Vividown, an Italian advocate group for people with Down syndrome, and the […]

Italy blocks access to The Pirate Bay

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The Pirate Bay has been censored in Italy after a decree from one of its deputy public prosecutors; meaning that its IP address and domain name are inaccessible by all the ISPs in Italy. However, The Pirate Bay has already announced several countermeasures. An insider at an Italian ISP told TorrentFreak that all large-access ISPs have complied with the request to block access to the site; and it is not […]

Telecom Italia sells iPhone in Italy – ends exclusivity

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After the announcement of the iPhone being provided in Italy via Vodafone, it has also been announced that Telecom Italia will sell the iPhone in Italy as well – breaking the previous exclusivity deals in the US and a few other European countries. It has exclusive deals with AT&T in the US, O2 in Britain, Orange in France and Deutsche Telekom in Germany. Both companies have not provided any details.

Suspension may boost demand

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The decision to suspend Manhunt 2 over following bans from the UK, Ireland and Italy; analysts have predicted that it could cause a massive demand from video gamers. As well; Wal-Mart, America’s largest retailer, and big named brands will not sell the game due to it’s AO rating, thus meaning that only people over the age of 18 can buy the game somewhere else. Take-Two, the developer, have two options; […]

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