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Egypt Protests: Social networking sites blocked, journalist beaten, Anonymous threatens govt

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Egypt authorities have blocked many social networking sites – including Twitter, Facebook – in an effort to contain any news coming out of the country, as riots escalate. Meanwhile, the group Anonymous have threatened denial-of-service attacks on the Egyptian government over its censorship. While Twitter has confirmed that its site has been blocked, other sites have been periodically blocked as Australia slept. The Next Web is claiming that YouTube, Facebook […]

Twitter hacked by “cyber army” from Iran

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Reports are coming in that Twitter had been hacked with a message from a supposed group called the “Iranian Cyber Army”, with Twitter admitting that their DNS records were compromised – allowing the group to deface the site with the following message: IRANIAN CYBER ARMY THIS SITE HAS BEEN HACKED BY IRANIAN CYBER ARMY iRANIAN.CYBER.ARMY@GMAIL.COM U.S.A. Think They Controlling And Managing Internet By Their Access, But THey (sic) Don’t, We […]

Yahoo alleged to have Iran names of 200,000 bloggers during protests

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This post has been updated. A new report has claimed that Yahoo had collaborated with the Iranian regime during the election protests that happened in the country in June, passing emails and personal information (i.e. names) of some 200,000 users living in the country. The report, from the Iranian Students Solidarity blog (in Farsi) and later repeated on ZDNet by Richard Koman, mentions that Yahoo sent a representative in order […]

Facebook, Google launch Persian language support

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With Twitter being one of the forefronts of informative sources that allowed us to keep up what is happening after the election; both Google and Facebook have announced that they have opened up support for the Persian language, also known as Farsi. Google has rushed through an “ALPHA” version of its Farsi translation service in Google Translate, allowing users to translate the messages coming through from Twitter, along with content […]

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