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RUMOUR MILL: Is Apple discontinuing the iPod Classic and Shuffle?

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Ah rumours, you’ve got the internet hyped up again. Another Apple rumour has emerged and it could see a major revamp of the iPod lineup with claims that the Cupertino-based company will be axing its iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle products. The rumour comes from The Unofficial Apple Weblog, who claim: It seems that the “product transition” Apple mentioned on the last earnings call could very well be within the […]

Apple announces new iPod shuffle

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Apple has just announced some brand new iPod’s and our first serving is the iPod shuffle. The new shuffle brings back the buttons removed in the current model, has a 15 hour battery, comes in 5 colours and is $69AUD. You can preorder it today or when it ships next week.

Rumour: Apple to hold iPod refresh event this month?

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RUMOUR MILL: Well, way to break tradition. Apple is rumoured to be holding an iPod-centric event way sooner than its traditional September timeframe. Well, that’s according to a Brazilian publication MacMagazine is reporting on Friday, citing a reliable source within Apple.

iPod shuffle drops to $79, gets colours

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Despite removing the colours from the shuffle when it changed it to just a thin aluminium block, Apple has announced a change to its shuffle product that will have colours and a new 2GB model, along with the current 4GB. The colours have been announced as silver, black, pink, blue and green. Also announced was the addition of third part manufacturers to build headphones for the iPod shuffle with remotes, […]

The chocolate skin for the iPod shuffle

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  So, why would we be writing a story about chocolate? Is it a new machine? Well, no – but it would excite you. This, readers of the site, is the ChocoShuffle; and no, it isn’t a iPod shuffle dipped in chocolate. It is, however, just a skin for your iPod shuffle to make you think that you dipped your shuffle in chocolate. Confusing? Because the new generation of the […]

Who needs the iPod shuffle when you have this…

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This may be just a small metallic block, but it supposed to be an audio player with a “monochrome black-and-white” OLED screen, and it supposed to have other functions that we don’t even know about. Called the ICOO V616, it only costs $15 for just 2GB, or 99 yuan. While it isn’t like the iPod shuffle, it is pretty small. While I can’t really tell if it has any buttons […]

Apple brings out new iPod shuffle – memory upgraded

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Apple has quietly brought out the third generation iPod shuffle, which features a revamped aluminium look (with the clip, so its wearable). But though it lacks a screen, it compensates it with its new “VoiceOver” feature, which allows it to read the song’s information and playlist titles. However, what’s interesting is that there is no freaking button on the device. This is because they are now shipping a pair of […]

The iPod shuffle concept looks like a Nano wristwatch

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It’s brilliant, yet its obviously not something Apple would make. This is a concept of what one Japanese designer thought the iPod shuffle should be like, and it looks like a iPod nano wristwatch – without the widescreen. What’s weird is that it is totally practical, as wearing it on your wrist is kind of better than wearing it on your shirt – just make sure you don’t look like […]

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