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RUMOUR MILL: Is Apple discontinuing the iPod Classic and Shuffle?

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Ah rumours, you’ve got the internet hyped up again. Another Apple rumour has emerged and it could see a major revamp of the iPod lineup with claims that the Cupertino-based company will be axing its iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle products. The rumour comes from The Unofficial Apple Weblog, who claim: It seems that the “product transition” Apple mentioned on the last earnings call could very well be within the […]

Rumour: Apple to hold iPod refresh event this month?

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RUMOUR MILL: Well, way to break tradition. Apple is rumoured to be holding an iPod-centric event way sooner than its traditional September timeframe. Well, that’s according to a Brazilian publication MacMagazine is reporting on Friday, citing a reliable source within Apple.

Stop texting while walking, Vic Police say

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A surge in pedestrian deaths have now seen the Police warning students returning to school today to get off the phone, unplug those earphones from your iPod and look while walking. Victoria Police believe that MP3 players such as the iPod, mobile phones and other electronic devices have started to become a distraction for pedestrians, with statistics showing a sharp rise of pedestrians being killed on Victorian roads each year. […]

iPod shuffle drops to $79, gets colours

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Despite removing the colours from the shuffle when it changed it to just a thin aluminium block, Apple has announced a change to its shuffle product that will have colours and a new 2GB model, along with the current 4GB. The colours have been announced as silver, black, pink, blue and green. Also announced was the addition of third part manufacturers to build headphones for the iPod shuffle with remotes, […]

Apple announces updates to iPod touch, iPod classic

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IN BRIEF: Apple announced changes to its iPod touch and classic lineups. The iPod touch will be getting a price cut for its 8GB model, which now costs $268; while the capacity for the previous lineup’s 16GB and 32GB have been doubled, making the new lineup having a 32GB model that will cost $399, while a 64GB model will be priced at $549. It has also confirmed the existence of […]

iPod nano gets small upgrade, adds camera

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Apple has announced that the iPod nano will get a small tweak in its design, in addition with a new camera, that would make it in competition with the Flip Mino; along with a slew of new features that would allow it to hold its dominance as the “most popular music player” to date. The new iPod nano will have a larger 2.2-inch display protected in a polish aluminium and […]

Use pedal power to charge your iPod

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  Dahon, maker of folding bikes, has now shown off another gizmo at the Eurobike show. Called the BioLogic FreeCharge, the silicone-encased box which hooks up with your bike’s generator hub and siphons the power to the box and then charges your gadgets via a USB port, which allows you to charge your iPhone, iPod and your mobile (if it has a USB connector that is used for power). Inside […]

Apple brings out new iPod shuffle – memory upgraded

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Apple has quietly brought out the third generation iPod shuffle, which features a revamped aluminium look (with the clip, so its wearable). But though it lacks a screen, it compensates it with its new “VoiceOver” feature, which allows it to read the song’s information and playlist titles. However, what’s interesting is that there is no freaking button on the device. This is because they are now shipping a pair of […]

Beatles Collector’s Box comes with iPod – too bad songs aren’t on iTunes Store

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Beatles fans, get ready to spend big this Christmas season, even though you have rising gas prices, the financial markets are in a downward spiral and you might want to pay off that house mortgage. Anyway, Bloomingdales are selling a Limited Edition Ultimate Collection Box: Beatles iPod Set, containing all 13 albums, two masters and the “Love” CD – all of those albums won’t be on the iTunes Store. It […]

iPod Software Update 2.1

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Want to let you know that the latest software update for the iPod touch is out now for US$9.95 at the iTunes Store. Remember: if you have the 2.0 firmware, it is free.

New 4th gen iPod nano – wider screen

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Can’t say that we didn’t say anything. The new iPod nano will have a 2-inch screen, and the same accelerometer that is used in the iPod touch and iPhone to switch between landscape and portrait modes. Steve Jobs also says that it will have the new Genius playlist feature, like shaking the nano to activate the shuffle feature. It is also, according to Jobs, the thinnest iPod ever; and will […]

How to get songs off your iPod

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This tips & tricks post (yay!!!) was a request by my friend. I already have made one post about it – but since it was created in 2007, and since we shifted our focus from “you should know this already” to “we will help you anyway we can, with news, etc.”, I’ve decided to rewrite it. So, this is how you get all your songs off your iPod to your […]

iPod sets pants on fire

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A Douglasville man has now found out how hot the iPod can be, and we are not making this up… His old iPod nano caught on fire, leaving a burn hole from “his 15 seconds of flame”. “So I look down and I see flames coming up to my chest,” said Danny Williams to WSBTV, “I’m still kind of freaked out that after only a year and a half my […]

Flash the iPod…

By on has posted details on how to replace the mighty iPod from it’s hard drive to flash memory drives. You should not do that if you want more memory, but if you want something to smash it without breaking the drive… go right ahead. That’s a lot of stuff to do this…

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