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Parrot goes Red for new Zikmu Hi-Fi speakers

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Zimku Red Dragon (Image: Parrot) This, on the right, is the Zikmu Hi-Fi speakers from Parrot. While this has already been out since October, the company has decided to use CES to announce that there will be a red version of the product. Dubbed the “Red Dragon”, it is obviously red. It joins the colours green, black, white and grey. The speakers are wireless Hi-Fi stereo speakers that also come […]

Panasonic adds new iPod dock to accessory list

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Since the iPod launched, there have been a lot of third-party accessories – ranging from unknown brands most likely from China to Sony and Panasonic. Speaking of Panasonic, they have introduced the SC-SP100 (it’s that little black dock in the above image with the iPhone docked in it), a 2.1-channel audio system that is compatible with your iPod and iPhone. It also features a integrated subwoofer and will also work […]

The chocolate skin for the iPod shuffle

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  So, why would we be writing a story about chocolate? Is it a new machine? Well, no – but it would excite you. This, readers of the site, is the ChocoShuffle; and no, it isn’t a iPod shuffle dipped in chocolate. It is, however, just a skin for your iPod shuffle to make you think that you dipped your shuffle in chocolate. Confusing? Because the new generation of the […]

A wink is no longer for flirting

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A blink and a smile can tell your gadgets everything, and we don’t mean lying. According to Physorg, a Japanese inventor has invented a headphone-like gadget, called the “Mimi Switch”, which has tiny sensors that can read the movements from your facial expressions and use them to turn on your iPod or start the washing machine. “You will be able to turn on room lights or swing your washing machine […]

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