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2011 – A Year of Many Things: A recap of the big events of the year

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The year 2011 was one year that we will all never forget. Even though they were all in the beginning of the year, the floods in Queensland and Brazil, the earthquakes in Christchurch and the tsunami in the north of Japan are still present in all of our minds. We also saw the death of a tech luminary, Steve Jobs; and the powerful News Corporation losing its influence over politicians […]

iOS 4.3 officially revealed

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Sure, it’s been in beta for quite some time, but Apple has officially announced a release date and the final features for iOS 4.3. The new update will bring plenty of new features, including faster Safari performance, with the Nitro JavaScript engine, AirPlay to iOS devices from iTunes Home Sharing, an option to change the iPad side-switch to either Lock Rotation or Mute and iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot (WiFi). The […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 31: Where’s my IPv4?

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The internet has run out of IPv4 addresses and also Intel has a bad batch of Sandy Bridge chips that needs replacing. But it’s not all bad news – Murdoch is spreading his empire on the iPad, while Google’s Honeycomb is looking delicious with its sexy user interface. That’s this week on the TECHGEEK Weekly podcast. James Wilson joins the podcast again (for the last few minutes of the episode) […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 30: Death by SMS

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Wow. We’ve reached 30 episodes – who knew from the beginning we would actually have reached this far. Anyway, we discuss the IPv4 running out of addresses, the new PSP2 by Sony and the Egypt Internet Blackout. We also find out that we are really good at debating points of view, so you may find this episode to be longer than what we usually have our podcasts Sorry if we […]

Screw the colour white – iPhone 4 now gets a clear case

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Most phones come in a range of vibrant, or dull, colours – just not smartphones. The iPhone 4 is an example of that, only offering those who want the device in black or white (there are ways, however, to get colour casings for the phone). But what about one that is, well, transparent?

TECHGEEK Weekly 28: The War Against Buttons

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So it turns out, our “Powered by” gets crude when I do it. Anyway, we cover the Verizon iPhone 4, Vodafone’s massive security fail and MySpace being sold off? Oh, and find out how ChatRoulette (remember that) is making some dough from an unlikely source. Stewart is sick for this episode – so officially ending his perfect attendance record. And Tom is doing the recording, and he expresses his outrage […]

The Year in Review 2010: The Top 10 Posts

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Of course, I think this has to be a yearly tradition. We go back through our analytics information to find out what were the top 10 posts you have read through this entire year. We’re going to do things a bit differently than last year, however, as we post the overall list – but we will also post separate lists for the top articles over at Pwnage, Gadgetlyst and Cupertino […]

iPhone 4 gets some bling – with a whole lot of diamonds

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It’s a bit much, don’t you think. But unless you actually have the money to purchase that, then you will have to see this from afar (your monitor). This is the iPhone 4 Diamond Queen Edition – and no, it’s not from Apple. It’s actually from a UK jeweller named Stuart Hughes, who has a history of adding bling to gadgets and televisions. This one now joins the list of […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 16: Limewire R.I.P

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It’s Halloween and we see the deaths of Limewire and the Walkman. The iPhone 4 White version is either dead or still kicking, and little hackers all over the place thanks to a little Firefox plugin. Yeah. It’s an absolute shambles episodes with only two hosts – with Terence and Stewart. After having a break of one week, James off on la-la land, Tom in Phillip Island and sick, and […]

White iPhone 4 delayed again, hit stores in Spring?

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For some reason or another, Apple just can’t get it right when it comes with the white version of the iPhone 4. It missed the original date of July, and was given another delay to the end of this year. Now, Cupertino has given a release date for the long-waited device: Spring. Next year. Or in our case, Autumn. Apple hasn’t disclosed why the white version has been a pain […]


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Yes, that’s right.. Terence is on holidays in Rome! So everyone at is partying like crazy. We talk about the new Windows Phone 7, The Android ‘dude’ problem, #newtwitter, the iPhone app that allows you to spy and much much more. Behold, Episode 15 – the first extremely unorganised podcast to come from, oh and we have made the clean tag! Programming note: Terence & James are not […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 14: OMG! There’s another body!

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Yes, apparently Google is into shooting photos of dead people as photos of the dead appeared on Google Street View. Ouch. As well, Motorola gets sued by Microsoft, Facebook lets you download everything you ever uploaded or wrote on Facebook, and MySpace brings out a craptastic new logo. As well, we bring out a new TECHGEEK Tips episode hosted by Terence and Chris, and the individual episode gets released on […]

iPhone 4 to be sold in China on Sept 25

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iPhone lovers in China can now rejoice as they will soon join the long list of countries that will be getting the iPhone 4 roll out, according to an Apple press release. The phone, which has been known to have problems with the antenna, screen and camera, will be hitting store shelves in all Apple retail stores in China on September 25 at 8am; including the new Apple Stores in […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 10: We are currently in negotiations

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Yes. We have a government. And it’s Julia Gillard. James Wilson is still pretty pissed about that, but we are moving on with the show with a lot of Apple news, discussion on XP and dispel or add to the iPad 2.0 rumour. On the show this time with Terence, Tom and Stewart is James Wilson – after a long hiatus – and bringing his colourful (we’re not using the […]

iPhone 4 free case or bumper program ending September 30

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Remember when Apple said that they’d offer free iPhone 4 cases to help ease the reception issues? And remember how they said that they’d reassess the offer on September 30? Well Apple did “evaluate” the issue and has come to the conclusion that “the iPhone 4 antenna issue is even smaller than we originally thought.” Thus the program will end September 30.¬†After that they are “returning to our normal returns […]

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