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Apple to settle with ACCC over ‘4G claim’ – pays $2.25m in penalties

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Apple will pay $2.25 million penalty to settle its case with consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission; after it agreeing that it had misled the public by claiming the “WiFi + 4G” model could connect to the 4G network in Australia, when in reality it could not. According to The Australian, ACCC’s lawyers told the court that this “substantial” penalty would send a message to the industry “that […]

Apple bows to pressure, drops ‘4G’ label with new iPad

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Apple has quietly removed any mention of 4G’s support on the iPad in its promotional material and in its store in several countries, including Australia, after regulators complained that suggesting that it has the feature when it doesn’t even work in the country is a tad misleading. It has replaced the name of its ‘Wi-Fi + 4G’ model to the ‘Wi-Fi + Cellular’. In Australia, it has also made sure […]

Apple iPad 3 event officially happening at 5AM on March 8 AEDT

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As always, Apple is finally putting us all out of our rumour-fed misery a few days before we explode, by announcing the real, official iPad 3 launch date. On March 7 at 10AM US PST at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in┬áSan Francisco Tim Cook will likely take the stage to show off the new iPad, alongside other Apple conference regulars. In Australian time the even will start […]

RUMOUR MILL: iPad 3 to have LTE, HD screen?

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Image: Pedro Eugenio Antunes/Flickr (Creative Commons) Rumours are heating up again just after CES, with a new iPad set to go on sale in March, touting specs that sport a HD screen and will run on LTE. These come, as usual, from “people familiar with the product”. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has ramped up production of the tablet this month, and full volume is expected to reach February – […]

Rumour Mill: iPad 3 to not get Retina Screen, not released this year

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James Wilson holds iPad 2 at the Sydney Launch on March 30. (Image: Stewart Wilson/ Despite the release of the iPad 2 just last month, the rumour mill is now in full swing with the latest iPad 3 rumours. Now, the latest of which is now that the iPad 3 will not have the Retina Display and will not be released this year.

New iPad rumours emerge – iPad 3, iPad mini?

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RUMOUR MILL: Screw the iPad 2 rumours, we have iPad 3 rumours. Yes, even before we had the actual iPad 2 – and who knows when that will be out – the web is speaking about rumours about version 3 that could have a retina screen and another product that could be the size in between the original iPad and the iPod touch.

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