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Rumour Mill: iPad 3 to not get Retina Screen, not released this year

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James Wilson holds iPad 2 at the Sydney Launch on March 30. (Image: Stewart Wilson/ Despite the release of the iPad 2 just last month, the rumour mill is now in full swing with the latest iPad 3 rumours. Now, the latest of which is now that the iPad 3 will not have the Retina Display and will not be released this year.

TECHGEEK Weekly 38: That’ll be $78 Trillion, please

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James Wilson, holding his new partner at the iPad 2 Launch (Image: Stewart Wilson/ Despite the fact that Tom, James and Stewart aren’t on, the TECHGEEK Weekly Podcast still lives on, and we discuss the launch of the iPad 2, talk about the BlackBerry Playbook to come with Android applications and the fact that Duke Nukem Forever is delayed (again!). We also find out that Tom, James and Stewart really […]

iPad 2 Sydney Launch Live

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Check out our overview here which will be updating with more information shortly. That’s right, TECHGEEK will be live, on location at the iPad 2 Launch tomorrow night at 5PM AEDST. We will be in the midst of the launch and commotion from around 4:30PM AEDST. We will have a live blog running on CoverItLive (below) and as well, we will be carrying a camera which will be automatically uploading photo’s […]

Wife Says No. Apple Says Yes.

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Apple has been paying close attention to the reasonings behind iPad 2 returns for the past few weeks. This is mainly to make sure that there aren’t any technical glitches on the new device (death-grip anyone?). But one particular return has put a smile on their faces. One iPad came back with a post it note on it that said “Wife said no.” It was escalated as something funny, and […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 37: Kicking in the Front Seat

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We’re back with a new episode, and while the tech industry is at a standstill, the Internet gets a red-light district, and the Zune bids adieu. Meanwhile, the week has been dominated by security flaw after security flaw, and Rebecca Black infects our Chris’ mind with the weekend. We also wonder why 13-year olds are driving cars, and Internet Explorer 9 is finally out – and Stewart hates it. Why? […]

iPad 2 Jailbroken

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It was only a matter of time until this happened. The brand new iPad 2 has been jailbroken and Cydia is confirmed to be working. @comex is working on a public exploit, however, according to his comments on twitter, the jailbreak required a whole new exploit as the previous one has been fixed by Apple. Source: @chpwn

Gadgetlyst Bytes 2: Tablet Mania

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Welcome to the second episode of Gadgetlyst Bytes – our new monthly podcast recapping the month in gadget news. This month, we take a look at all of the tablets and phones coming out, the Kinect SDK, and of course, the new iPad! Hosted by Stewart and I (and not Terence, not that we hate him or anything), we also provide you an update of the all the latest reviews on […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 35: So much for #winning

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We give our take on the Apple iPad 2 announcement, find out Microsoft’s response to the tablet and see if 3D is a big gimmick on the Nintendo 3DS. As well, IE6 hopefully goes into the grave and Street View now on bicycles? You’ll have to listen and find out. A shorten edition today as Audition managed to crap out and lose the entire recording (luckily we only just started), […]

One year, many possibilities – Apple video highlights iPad success

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Showcased at its iPad 2 keynote earlier in the morning, Apple has now released a “Year-in-review”-esque video where it highlights the successes of the iPad and how it has managed to change how people interact – and remember, this was all in one year. We hear stories of changing productivity, but also stories in education and in the medical profession. But also, we hear the heartwarming stories of the iPad […]

iOS 4.3 officially revealed

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Sure, it’s been in beta for quite some time, but Apple has officially announced a release date and the final features for iOS 4.3. The new update will bring plenty of new features, including faster Safari performance, with the Nitro JavaScript engine, AirPlay to iOS devices from iTunes Home Sharing, an option to change the iPad side-switch to either Lock Rotation or Mute and iPhone 4 Personal Hotspot (WiFi). The […]

This is the iPad 2: March 25

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Just minutes ago, Apple finished their March conference for the next iPad. If you weren’t reading the liveblog, here’s what you can expect in the new model. The new iPad comes in White and Black, is 33% thinner, 15% lighter, has a dual-core Apple A5 processor, a front-facing VGA camera for FaceTime and Photo Booth and a back-facing camera with 720p HD video. It still has up to 10 hours […]

Apple March Event Liveblog

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If you’re curious as to see what Apple’s been up to for the past few months, you’d better set your alarms to 5AM AEST. While nobody knows for sure what will be announced, an iPad 2, iOS 5, and more is on the cards. Set your bookmarks, as will be liveblogging right here from 5AM, as well as updating our Twitter feed and posting about the juicy announcements on […]

Apple iPad 2 event invites go out

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It looks like the Motorola Xoom won’t be the only new tablet arriving in 2011, as Apple has just sent out very non-cryptic invites for an iPad media event. It’ll all be going down on the 2nd of March, or early in the morning next week. I’ve got my money on an iPad 2 (obviously) with a camera, better screen and some other goodies. TECHGEEK will announce our coverage soon […]

iPad 2, iPhone 5 launch delayed?

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Numerous sources are reporting that due to various reasons, one being last minute design changes, the expected release date for both the upcoming iPad and iPhone models has been pushed back.  Whilst less is known about the iPad’s regeneration cycles (a new model was predicted originally for June, which has now turned into April), iPhone fans around the world now expect that come Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference – […]

New iPad rumours emerge – iPad 3, iPad mini?

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RUMOUR MILL: Screw the iPad 2 rumours, we have iPad 3 rumours. Yes, even before we had the actual iPad 2 – and who knows when that will be out – the web is speaking about rumours about version 3 that could have a retina screen and another product that could be the size in between the original iPad and the iPod touch.