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The Year in Review 2010: The Top 10 Posts

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Of course, I think this has to be a yearly tradition. We go back through our analytics information to find out what were the top 10 posts you have read through this entire year. We’re going to do things a bit differently than last year, however, as we post the overall list – but we will also post separate lists for the top articles over at Pwnage, Gadgetlyst and Cupertino […]

iOS 4.2 to be released in November, but when?

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Speculation of the release date of the update to iOS continues to point to November, after news broke that iPhone developers are now able to download iOS 4.2 Gold Master SDK, meaning that it is the complete version with the exception that it isn’t ready for consumption. The update is most likely to contain the fix to the well-publicised security problem that gives people access to your contacts and call […]

HDR for iPad???

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Notice anything…. weird in that little snippet of the Apple September Event? That’s right… It’s HDR support the iPad but why have HDR support when the iPad has no camera. Could this mean the iPad is getting a camera when iOS 4.2 is released in November? Trolling around the internet finds many forums discussing this. Some say that the support is simply to see HDR photos on iPad and some […]

Apple admits proximity sensor still not fixed

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Yes, we know that most of the Apple news that we have posted in the past month have been negative about Apple – mainly because the pro-Apple fanboy James is busy with study – but Apple has made a rare acknowledgement that the proximity sensor has not been fixed yet, despite an update coming soon. An upcoming update, version 4.1 of the iOS mobile operating system, appears not to have […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 5: Filter Us. We dare you!

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We are joined by Cupertino Loop‘s editor and (questionable) impressionist of Julia Gillard, James Wilson, for this week’s episode of the TECHGEEK Podcast – where we talk about the iOS 4 jailbreak, Apple no longer acting like a schoolgirl from high school, Liberals support for no filter and BlackBerry banned in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Sorry for the (if not apparent, disregard this) broken episode, mainly because James Wilson decided […]

Apple charging for iPad iOS4 update?

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RUMOUR MILL: If you happen to have an iPad, you might be in for a shock. After paying for so much money on the device that happens to be the must want, despite having no purpose whatsoever, Apple expects you to pay for the iOS4 upgrade that is supposed to be coming out soon, a la the iPod touch major upgrades before the iOS4 upgrade. Well, that’s if the report […]

More iPhone Problems

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There have been reports that there are more problems with the iPhone, but this time its with the iPhone 3G. iPhone 3G users have been saying that after a software update, their iPhone is sluggish and in some cases, barely usable. The update that is causing this is Apple’s new iOS4 which they say “makes the iPhone more powerful, easier to use, and more indispensable than ever”. However, I’m sure […]

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