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iiNet to acquire Internode for $105m

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UPDATED: iiNet has announced that it will acquire Internode and its associated companies for $105 million. The buyout will mean that the company, according to iiNet’s CEO Michael Malone, make iiNet “the new number 2 provider” of DSL broadband. The company surprised investors when it announced the deal. The buyout will allow iiNet to expand and grow its current position in South Australia, adding 260,000 active internet and phone subscribers […]

Feature: Are Australian ISPs ready for IPv6?

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Oh no. The Internet is running of addresses! What shall we do!? Is this the end of the world!? Calm down, it isn’t the end of the world, it just happens to be a technical inconvenience as we already have a solution to fix the very problem called IPv6. But there’s already another problem: it hasn’t been readily deployed. As we face the last remaining blocks and addresses available on […]

IMTV forced to shut down because of Internode legal dispute – Internode says it didn’t sue

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IMTV has said that it was forced to cease trading and has been sued by “another ISP” for the colour orange and the word “Extreme” – and the only ISP that uses orange and the word “Extreme” is Internode. It also said that a special arrangement has been set up with EFTel that would see all of its customers transferred to EFTel’s network. Michael Jaffar, the chief executive for IMTV […]

Internode brings the cute, hackable Chumby to Australia

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Chumby, the cute internet radio receiver, eBay monitor, photo frame, RSS reader, Facebook client, and among other things, is coming to Australia, thanks to Internode – and it will start selling it for $299 from Wednesday. If you don’t know what the Chumby is; it is a soft toy with a touch screen and Wi-Fi that sits on your desk and pulls data from the web to the screen. It […]

Internode offers ADSL2+ broadband to those far away from exchanges

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Internode has announced that it will no longer follow the restrictive rules made by Telstra on their exchanges about the length of the ADSL line in areas where their own ADSL2+ DSLAMs have been installed. It also claims that it will also be able to offer ADSL2+ broadband to those living 7.5km away from an exchange from Telstra. Under current restrictions, the maximum line length was 4.1km, but under its […]

Hackett no longer Internode’s CEO, remains as managing director

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Internode has undergone a substantial reorganisation of its management team, which sees Simon Hackett no longer being CEO of the company – giving it to former group GM Patrick Tapper. Hackett will still be the founder and managing director. Tapper joined the South Australian-based internet service provider in 1998, after working with Greater Union, Village Roadshow and EMI. Another reorganisation includes the creation of CFO, which will be taken by […]

Internode starts support on IPv6, first in Australia

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Internode has announced that it has started supporting the new IPv6, which allows a vast number of new and longer IP addresses after the current shortage on the current system, IPv4. It will operate the new network around Australia and with international PoP (Points of Presence) in Japan and the US. Customers of Internode can access IPv6 by either Native Ethernet access or Tunnel Broker access; with more information on […]

Internode aims for 200,000

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Internode has aimed to get to 200,000 subscribers in 2008. Last Month, the company has recently gotten past 100,000 subscribers. Telstra is Australia’s No. 1 ISP, following Optus. iiNet is third while Primus & TGP make up the final two spots.

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