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Microsoft pushes users to (finally) stop using IE6

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It’s time. Microsoft has now started a brand new push to finally get rid of the scourge known as Internet Explorer with a brand new website to promote the killing off of the once-most popular browser in the entire world (back in the year 2001).

New IE8 ad shows customers giving Microsoft personal details

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Boxers or briefs. No seriously. Microsoft’s new advertising campaign for its browser, Internet Explorer 8, has appeared on US television with a simple concept – how many people can it dupe into giving private information. This, apparently, was to highlight how vulnerable your personal information is and to focus on the security aspects of the latest version of IE. (Well, the latter might be a bit questionable, as the study […]

Microsoft called out for its lies on Internet Explorer 8

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Since Microsoft is trying to regain some of its market share after losing more and more of it to rivals Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome, it is no surprise that Microsoft would be looking to entice people back to their browser – and that’s what they have done, by debunking the “myths” of IE8. Too bad they got it so wrong. Out of all four myths presented […]

IE drops in market share; IE, Chrome, Safari rise

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Internet Explorer continues its drop in the browser war, but still is retains the number one placing, with 67.55 percent of the total market share, according to Net Applications – down from December’s 68.15%, and it looks likes a continuing trend. Firefox, Safari and Chrome continues to grow, while Opera lost 0.01 percent. Firefox was up 21.53 percent, from December’s 21.34 percent; while Safari grew from 7.93 percent to 8.29 […]

Internet Explorer losing ground – continues to fall below 70 percent

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New data from Net Applications have shown that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, the dominant browser around the web, is continuing to drop below 70 percent, to have a market share of 68.15% for the month of December, down from a 69.77% from November. Firefox’s market share increased to 21 percent, while Safari continues to grown to capture a share of nearly 8 percent. Opera, however, has the same market share it […]

Microsoft confirms new bug affects every version of Internet Explorer

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Microsoft has confirmed that a new bug in Internet Explorer 7 also affects all versions, including the predecessor IE6 and the IE8 Beta 2, of the internet browser, and has recommend that you disable the Oledb32.dll file to stay safe from the exploit which hackers have now been known to have exploited. The exploit affects all browsers that are being used on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003 or Server […]

Rumour Mill : If IE8 gets a "porn mode", would you switch?

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Is porn the best way to get Internet Explorer to regain that market share loss from Mozilla’s Firefox? No, we aren’t kidding… Rumours have that Microsoft could be adding "Private browsing" – also known as "porn mode" – to Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2. This was one of the features during the development in Firefox 3, however ended up being pulled – and Safari has already had the feature in […]

IE8 coming in August…

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Microsoft has finally announced a second beta version of its next version of its internet browser, Internet Explorer 8. IE Beta 2 will target ordinary web users, and will come out will all the features that will be there when the full, completed version is out – though some may contain bugs. It has also pledged to deliver more updates to versions of Internet Explorer, after the Firefox browser (owned […]

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