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6tag is now available on Windows Phone

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Stewart Wilson / TechGeek It’s finally here. The long awaited Instagram client from Developer, Rudy Huyn, has been approved by Microsoft and is available on the Windows Phone Store. 6tag is the first Instagram client on Windows Phone to fully support the viewing and uploading of videos. Additionally, while not an official application, 6tag is the first application to get Instagram’s blessing from a legal standpoint. So the app is […]

6tagram, WP8 third-party app will get Instagram’s blessing

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Stewart Wilson / TechGeek Developer Rudy Huyn has been hard at work creating a Instagram client called 6tagram. The client is based on his Vine client, 6Sec which has been widely popular due to its great design and the first third-party app to have an upload ability. However, due to the changes made to the API in the last week by Instagram, the release of the app has been delayed. […]

Instagram restores uploading from third-party apps

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Stewart Wilson / TechGeek Over the past few days, Instagram have made several changes to their API which has restricted third-party applications such as Windows Phone 8 application, Instance from posting on the service. Initially, photos were uploaded onto the service and then almost immediately deleted.┬áDaniel Gary, the developer of Instance, was puzzled by the change. The issue was made clear when an Instagram spokesperson said “applications accessing the API […]

Phil Schiller dumps Instagram because it went to Android – yes, facepalm

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So turns out, write an app that Apple loves and then port it to Android is a big no-no for Apple Marketing VP Phil Schiller. Well, that’s according to a little tweet that was captured by our friends over at 9to5Mac. Instagram was previously an iOS exclusive application, before it expanded to Android. And that is why you see crazy hipsters complaining and repulsed by the fact that their precious […]

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