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Google releases new Docs improvements – includes new drawing tool

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Google has brought some new improvements to its Docs service – including a brand new collaborative drawing application (as seen from above, and more about that is below). Some new improvements include sidebar chat to the document editor and some tweaks to the performance to the real-time collaborative experience – meaning that it hopefully doesn’t lag anymore, and seeing every character being typed. Changes to the document editor include changing […]

Apple to make latest version of iWork online?

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RUMOUR MILL : 9to5Mac (via MacRumors) is reporting that Apple might be making the latest version of its office suite, iWork ‘09, online to the Cloud. The site also speculates that future versions of the suite will be basically browser-based applications; however, this does not mean that it will ditch the native versions. The new rumour puts the web applications similar to the extensive list of applications on MobileMe, which […]

Aviary opens up beta, gives $85 discount for pro account

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Aviary, a collection of multimedia tools for artists from all different types of art, has now officially made itself open by announcing that it will become a public beta (previously, they were a closed one). As well, they are celebrating this with a US$85 discount for one year using its Pro accounts. Aviary already have a  image editor, a “colour swatches and palettes” tool and a “visual laboratory” tool. It […]

‘Glide’ your crap…

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We don’t want to announce it… but we have to. We just found a failing Web 2.0 site, and it’s Glide. Terence Huynh writes this mad and crazy adventure, which is dumb enough not to include Google Calendar as an import option…

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