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ICANN approves new changes to domain names

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ICANN, the group in charge of all domain names on the Internet, has approved one of the biggest shake-ups of the internet naming system, with the approval of new generic top-level domain names (the ending of domains, such as .com or .net) Prompted with the almost exhaustion of common domain names in .com and .net, the new system will allow dozens and even hundreds of endings. This means that people […]

TECHGEEK Weekly 37: Kicking in the Front Seat

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We’re back with a new episode, and while the tech industry is at a standstill, the Internet gets a red-light district, and the Zune bids adieu. Meanwhile, the week has been dominated by security flaw after security flaw, and Rebecca Black infects our Chris’ mind with the weekend. We also wonder why 13-year olds are driving cars, and Internet Explorer 9 is finally out – and Stewart hates it. Why? […]

The web’s “red light district” – ICANN appoves .xxx domain

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Image: Elliot Moore/Flickr The internet is to get a little bit dirtier, or cleaner, depending on where you stand. ICAAN, the body who regulates the domain names (such as our name,, has approved the creation of a new top-level domain name .xxx. Two members were reported to have abstained, according to Domain Name Wire. The .xxx domain’s approval has been controversial, with many board members spoke out against the […]

China, Taiwan, HK get Chinese language domains

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With all the hoopla over the .xxx domain name, we forgot to report on this interesting topic. ICANN also approved the use of Chinese language top-level domains (TLD) for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. From today, alongside their Latin alphabet-based TLDs, China will have .中国 and .中國, Hong Kong will have .香港 and Taiwan will have .台灣 and .台湾. China and Taiwan have two domain names because one is written […]

It’s official, .xxx domains get the go ahead from ICANN

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Porn, get ready for your own industry-specific top-level domain (TLD) name. ICANN has today announced that it has approved the controversial .xxx domain, which will be specifically used to host sites that are within the porn industry; just like .aero is for the air-travel business and .org is for organisations. “It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited about the fact that .xxx will soon become a reality. This […]

Porn to get its own .xxx domain option

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ICANN, the organisation that oversees all domain names and registrations – including the familiar dot-com – is expected to give the go ahead for the controversial .xxx top-level domain (TLD) for websites containing pornography. According to an ICAAN attorney talking to Reuters; despite initially against such a proposal, members of the board have argued that the creation on the basis to maintain neutrality in dealing with assignations. If calls are […]

I .love .paris?

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The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, who regulates all domain names like .net and .com, is expected to vote on the new names after it opened its annual general meeting on Monday in Paris. Users will be able to get domains like .love, .paris or .bank. This will see it being one of the largest shakeups on the internet if it is approved. This move is due to […]

Kiwi picked as ICANN chairman

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The Board of the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has selected Peter Dengate Thrush, a New Zealand lawyer long active on internet addressing policies; over Roberto Gaetano of Italy to replace Vint Cerf. Gaetano will still be ICANN’s vice chairman. The selection comes after ICANN are doing trials of domains using other languages like Chinese and Japanese, which do not have a Latin based alphabet. This also […]