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EU to investigate IBM over abuse in mainframe computer market

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The European Commission, which is the antitrust regulator of the entire 27-nation European Union (similar to our ACCC), has launched an investigation into IBM on allegations that the company abused its dominant position in the mainframe computer market. “IBM is alleged to have engaged in illegal tying of its mainframe hardware products to its dominant mainframe operating system,” the European Commission said.

Report : Sun/IBM merger bid rejected, IBM walks away

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Shareholders will be watching Sun and IBM shares very carefully now when the markets open tomorrow (in the US), as merger talks between the two companies have been called off; according to sources talking to both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. A merger between Sun and IBM would given them a total combined share in the computer server market of 42 percent, overshadowing rivals HP’s 29.5 […]

IBM near deal to buy Sun, assures that it will fight if regulators object

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IBM and Sun are said to be nearing a possible merger, with discussions that IBM will pay US$9.55 a share – $1 less than what Sun previously expected and a revised value at US$7 billion – in return that IBM will fight for the deal even if the regulators object to the plan, according to the Wall Street Journal. Both companies have a 65 percent share in the high-end Unix […]

New book details Sony R&D was being used to help Microsoft build Xbox 360

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A new book has detailed the work of Toshiba, IBM and Sony on building the Cell processor that was going to be used on the PlayStation 3. Called The Race For A New Game Machine, it was written by David Shippy and Mickie Phipps – both who worked on the development on the processor. The book says that the partnership began at 2001, which saw all three companies committed to […]

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