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The Year in Review 2010: The Top 10 Posts

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Of course, I think this has to be a yearly tradition. We go back through our analytics information to find out what were the top 10 posts you have read through this entire year. We’re going to do things a bit differently than last year, however, as we post the overall list – but we will also post separate lists for the top articles over at Pwnage, Gadgetlyst and Cupertino […]

VHA gets Desire HD as an exclusive

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Well, just minutes after the HTC announcement of its new HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z, Vodafone Hutchison Australia – owners of Vodafone and 3 – have announced that they have the exclusive rights to sell the HTC Desire HD in Australia. Pricing and availability have not been confirmed. “VHA is excited to be the exclusive carrier for the HTC Desire HD, an outstanding and stylish Android device that […]

HTC brings out stylish Desire HD, Desire Z

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Thought HTC couldn’t get better? Well, it just proven that wrong. The popular mobile maker has announced two new phones that will join its lineup of Android phones – the Desire HD and the Desire Z. The two phones will run on Android, and will be out in major European and Asian markets. Desire Z is to be released in North America later in the year. The HTC Desire HD […]

Review : HTC Desire

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After the leak of the HTC Desire phone back in December 09, we have all been wondering what the HTC Desire actually looks like, how it actually works and most importantly, whats the next big thing from HTC. Unfortunately, 720p video and DivX never made the final build as it was leaked it would include those features. (however, HTC will bring an update out). It has a¬†beautiful¬†3.7 inch AMOLED screen […]

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