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DSi breaks homebrew flashcards

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Before you chuck away that Nintendo DS, here is something you should consider (especially if you use any homebrew flashcards). According to a member on the Chinese gaming community, the new Nintendo DSi has rejected all of the ten tested homebrew slot-1 cards. The cartridges tested were the R4DS, EX Flash V, CycloDS, G6 DS Real, M3 DS Real, Supercard DS One, iTouch DS, FCard, NCard, M3 DS Simply […]

Nintendo really does not like you hacking into their games…

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Nintendo has now declared war against five Japanese companies that make their lives helping users play DS games – let me rephrase that, they help users play DS ROMs that they got on the internet on their Nintendo DS. There is not a lot of information on the suit, except for the fact that it managed to get 54 other software makers with it in its lawsuit is pretty spectacular. […]

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