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Hoaxers arrested after prank left house looted

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Two people have been arrested after being found of creating a fake Craiglist ad that led to an Oregon man’s house being looted, watching helplessly as they took his stuff. Police say that the incident stemmed from an attempt by two thieves to cover their tracks from an earlier robbery. Robert Salisbury came home on March 22 to find his house being looted by 30 strangers, after Brandon and Amber […]

‘Click Here to infect your PC!!!’

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Didier Stevens created a fake ad to see who would click on his link. This was a test to see who would be stupid enough to click on a link that would say… Is your PC virus-free? Get it infected here. Surprisingly, 409 people did. Here is how he did this experiment… I bought the domain. .info domains are notorious for malware hosting. I setup a web server to […]

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