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Top 5 Games for Christmas (Part Two)

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We covered the consoles in part one, but what about the portables? So here is the second part of our list of games you should consider when buying a game for the Nintendo DS or the PlayStation Portable for that special person, family member or co-worker. Don’t forget, you have less than a week to get these games! So you probably should start going in stores to get them to […]

New footage of Pokemon Black and White released

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Yes, despite what you may think about these creatures – weird may be one of them – the Pokemon Franchise is set to come out with another edition, and you would have thought that they could have waited about a year or so after the new HeartGold and SoulSilver, but Nintendo likes to milk this puppy. Anyway, in Japan, there is a show called Pokemon Sunday and they have shown […]

Review: Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver

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________________________________________________________________________________________ FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Have the creators milked the franchise for all it’s worth? Would seem so. LASTING IMPRESSIONS: Although it may seem so, this adventure is one that will last forever. The lush landscape is equalled with the excellent gameplay. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Pokémon, although may seem like a child’s game which has hardly any replay value and is also considered very easy, the game has more to see than meets the […]

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