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How the Qantas Frequent Flyer program taught me about bad security practices

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Source: QANTAS I got three push notifications just as I got to my seat before I left to Melbourne from Dubai. One from Instagram, as a comment to something I posted on an Instagram story: “You should delete this.” One from Facebook Messenger: “Hey. Are you still in Dubai?” One from Gmail: “TERENCE, your Qantas Frequent Flyer PIN had been reset.” I didn’t reset my PIN. Well, fuck. “I didn’t […]

Former PM Gordon Brown emails hacked by British newspapers

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Image: World Economic Forum/Flickr (Creative Commons) The phone hacking scandal appears to be widening to an overall hacking scandal with revelations by a British newspaper that emails of the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown were illegally accessed by “private investigators commissioned by national newspapers”. The Independent in the UK claims that Brown’s private communications were identified by Scotland Yard as “potentially hacked material”, and are currently looking at evidence […]

Newspaper scandal widens with claims malware used to hack computers

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Image: Luc De Leeuw/Flickr (Creative Commons) More allegations are coming forward in the aftermath of the widely-publicised phone hacking scandal with people, such as former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, coming forward accusing newspapers of attempting to hack into victims’ computers via malware. According to Sophos’ Naked Security blog, Brown claims in his speech to the House of Commons that it went far beyond hacking phones: Amassed against these guiltless victims […]