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Grand Theft Auto V: Trailer 2 revealed

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Need I say any more? Grand Theft Auto V, first revealed over a year ago, finally has a second trailer, featuring three main characters and a different feel to GTA IV. It’s also set to the glorious Stevie Wonder’s slap-bass induced-dream track ‘Skeletons’. It comes out in ‘Spring’, 2013 in the US or in the May 20 – June 20 2013 launch window for us for PlayStation 3 and Xbox […]

Video: GTA V returns to San Andreas in new teaser trailer

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was revolutionary in every sense of the word. The freedom to expore this massive landscape, from the mountain ranges to the city and to the countryside. And now Rockstar Games have revealed that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V will revisit the incredible city with a next-gen redesign. It’s not the same game, but with the same city it will be incredible. In 2008 Grand […]

Grand Theft Auto V announced, trailer coming November 3 AEDT

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This is not a drill. Rockstar Games has just announced on their website that a new Grand Theft Auto game is in the works. Grand Theft Auto V will probably come in 2012 – 2013, but no official details have been revealed except that a trailer for the game will be coming on November 3 AEDT. The current homepage for Rockstar Games is simply a logo and a promise of […]