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Grooveshark wins in Universal Music complaint

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Grooveshark has won a lawsuit against it by Universal Music, with a court rejecting Universal’s argument that would have seen Grooveshark lose DMCA-protection status on songs recorded before 1972. The court called it a massive overreach, and TechDirt also says that this defence was also rejected when EMI tried to sue MP3tunes. Also in its judgement, the court did give some dismissals on some parts of Grooveshark’s counterclaim, but those […]

EMI terminates contract with Grooveshark

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Grooveshark’s luck is running out, with their last major record label partner, EMI, terminating its contract with the company. Without any major record label support, the streaming music service’s¬†future is now even more uncertain than it was ever before. Just in case you haven’t heard of the site, Grooveshark is an online, arguably¬†legal, ad and subscription supported music streaming service which gained all of its content via user uploads. It […]