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Grand Theft Auto V: Trailer 2 revealed

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Need I say any more? Grand Theft Auto V, first revealed over a year ago, finally has a second trailer, featuring three main characters and a different feel to GTA IV. It’s also set to the glorious Stevie Wonder’s slap-bass induced-dream track ‘Skeletons’. It comes out in ‘Spring’, 2013 in the US or in the May 20 – June 20 2013 launch window for us for PlayStation 3 and Xbox […]

Grand Theft Auto III explodes onto some iOS and Android devices December 16

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While we’ve heard about GTA 3 for mobile before, Rockstar Games has now given out a release date for the mobile version of the 10 year old game. Not only was the game revolutionary when it was released but it changed the sandbox genre and what people thought of open-world video games. Not only could you now see everything on new PC and PS2/Xbox graphics, but you could do anything […]

Video: GTA V returns to San Andreas in new teaser trailer

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was revolutionary in every sense of the word. The freedom to expore this massive landscape, from the mountain ranges to the city and to the countryside. And now Rockstar Games have revealed that the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V will revisit the incredible city with a next-gen redesign. It’s not the same game, but with the same city it will be incredible. In 2008 Grand […]

Christian lobby launches new anti-R18+ campaign, with flawed research

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The Australian Christian Lobby has decided to do one last attempt to campaign against an R18+ rating, urging its followers to write to the Attorney Generals to say no for the introduction of the rating to video games which would put the Australian video game classification scheme on par with international ratings. The Lobby claims that bringing the rating would expose “explicit violence and sex” to children who would end […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 10: We are currently in negotiations

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Yes. We have a government. And it’s Julia Gillard. James Wilson is still pretty pissed about that, but we are moving on with the show with a lot of Apple news, discussion on XP and dispel or add to the iPad 2.0 rumour. On the show this time with Terence, Tom and Stewart is James Wilson – after a long hiatus – and bringing his colourful (we’re not using the […]

PS3 sees GTA IV experience downgraded

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Reports have confirmed the differences between the Xbox 360 version and the PS3 version of the latest game of the Grand Theft Auto series, Grand Theft Auto IV. It has laid two additional issues that would make you want to buy a Xbox 360 instantly to get the full experience of GTA IV. These included that the game will not have no online play and it would have a less-than-HD […]

GTA IV leaked online before debut this week

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Grand Theft Auto IV has already been leaked online to the web on the file-sharing network BitTorrent after it was uploaded last week and has been spreading like wildfire. Though it was supposed to come out sometime this week, it was first reported on the gaming blog Kotaku, a Gawker Media property. The file, a 6.32GB, has a document attached saying that it the PAL version of the game for […]

Free Rockstar Games (GTA)

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You can download GTA 1 & 2 for free! From the official Rockstar Classics site! You need to put in some details, but thats fine, they are free games! So go on and grab a free GTA for yourself. Download is around 300-400MB each and I was getting a 250kb/s speed on them. The Website Link is:

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