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AT&T’s Response to FCC Enquiry (Full Text)

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Re: AT&T Response to Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Letter, DA 09-1737 (July 31, 2009); RM-11361; RM-11497 This letter can be found in its original form on the FCC’s website. Dear Ms. Milkman: On behalf of AT&T, I am writing in response to the Bureau’s July 31, 2009 letter, which asks a series of questions about Google Voice and the Apple iPhone in order to inform Commission policymaking in certain pending proceedings. […]

Apple responds to FCC enquiry into Google Voice and its App Store

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Apple has now responded to the questions that were asked by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as it is investigating claims that the Google Voice app was rejected by Apple on its App Store. Only problem, Apple has said that it was not rejected. “Contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it,” it starts off with Question 1 on why did […]

Apple’s Response to FCC Enquiry (Full Text)

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Apple’s Response to the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s Questions of July 31, 2009 Letter can be found at FCC’s Website. We are pleased to respond to the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau’s inquiry dated July 31, 2009, requesting information regarding Apple’s App Store and its application approval process. In order to give the Bureau some context for our responses, we begin with some background information about the iPhone and the App Store. Apple’s […]