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Will Google’s new ‘Shared Endorsements’ affect you?

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Probably not. As expected, the backlash in tabloid tech blogs and news websites over Google’s new ‘Shared Endorsements’ system has been overwhelming, but also misinformed. Google today will begin enforcing their new Terms of Service for all Google+ users over the age of 18, allowing the company to present your Google+ name, photo and endorsements throughout its advertising network. However, as is usually the case with Google coverage, the privacy angle […]

Google+ finally opens its doors to teenagers after adding new safety features

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If you’ve been locked out of Google+, like me, because of age then today is your lucky day! Bradley Horowitz, Google+ VP, has announced, via Google+, that the new age restriction is 13+. Previously to sign up for the social network you had to be aged 18 or over, however a number of people with fake ages on their profiles were wrongfully allowed in or locked out. But the idea […]

Google+ changes naming policy – now allows pseudonyms and “abstract” names

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At launch, Google+ had a weird policy of not allowing users sign up who had a very unconventional name or had an alias to protect themselves or because they were simply known by that name publicly. Well, Google is about to change that, announcing a brand new, “more inclusive naming policy” for the social network. “With Google+, we aspire to make online sharing more like sharing in the real world. […]

Google+ passes 62 million users, predicts 400 million by 2012

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Unofficial statistics from entrepreneur and founder of Paul Allen have claimed that Google+ is already at 62 million users, and he expects that this would grow due to the heavy integration with it on almost any Google product. Allen notes that by January, it would have reached 65.8 million and by February to 85.2 million. He also sees that there are 625,000 new signups every day, and he sees […]

Google+ catches up, now let brands to set up pages

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It still has a useless API that doesn’t let you write, but Google+ is slowly catching up with rival Facebook with its new Pages feature. Yes, now brands are able to create little profiles on Google+ to interact with their followers. It’s a big move for Google, which was launched in June of this year. Many attempted to set up brand pages on Google+, but only to have them shut […]

Google+ finding it tough to grow in Asia Pacific market

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Latest figures are showing that Google+, its new social networking venture, is struggling to retain many of its users in the Australia and Asia Pacific region – except for one country that has bucked the trend. Singapore. According to analytical firm Experian Hitwise, Google+ has seen usage drop in Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand drop to be nearly zero, while India falling to be 0.002 percent of social networking […]

Google+ reaches 10 million, +1 used 2.3 bilion a day

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Google’s earnings call delivered strong results – even beating predictions, as usual. However, the webcast for investors revealed some more strong results for the company’s social products, including Google+. According to CEO Larry Page, over 10 million people have joined Google+. Despite being a small number compared to Facebook’s 750 million people, but still pretty good, especially for the relatively short life it has up to now. In addition, over […]

Editorial: Why I don’t think Google+ will be successful

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Google’s latest foray into social networking, under the banner Google +, has plenty of people talking. Unlike Google Buzz, the new service is getting some major hype and good press. And there are plenty of innovative ideas being thrown behind the project, like Circles and Hangouts (Basically web Skype). And I’ve been enjoying using the new service and will likely call it my social home when it’s released to the […]

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