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Competing with free: Navman partners with Nokia to bring their GPS lineup into the cloud

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With more and more Australian’s trading in their dumbphones for smartphones, all-in-one devices that continue to replace entire product categories, it isn’t hard to assume that a dedicated GPS is irrelevant in 2013. If a smartphone, which is on you at all times, has a GPS inbuilt, surely all that’s needed is a free app and you’re ready to drive. To convince non-believers otherwise, TechGeek and a number of other […]

Google Maps restored for Windows Phone devices

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Stewart Wilson / Google have completely back flipped on their decision to block the use of Google Maps on Windows Phone devices after a huge uproar from the Internet community. Through a statement provided by Google to The Verge, Google say they are “working to remove the redirect” that they had put in place. The full statement from Google is: We periodically test Google Maps compatibility with mobile browsers to make […]

OPINION: Google’s block of Maps on Windows Phone isn’t really a block

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Image: activefree/Flickr (Creative Commons). When was the last time you used a web-app on your phone more than once? Hmm, yeah, I can’t remember a time either, maybe apart from a link to a few blogs. Which is why the usual shit-storm that arises with any change to anything is pointless, especially in the case of Google Maps on Windows Phone. If you own a Windows Phone, Google Maps is […]

Google Maps adds live transport information for Sydney’s trains, buses

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Google has quietly added live transport information for Sydney on Google Maps, meaning that users will be able to see timetable information from Cityrail and Sydney Buses and plot their travel routes based on that information. Now, I’m getting jealous (because I’m from Melbourne) Based on what we have seen on Twitter – by Peter Wells from MacTalk – it appears that it also is working on iOS devices that […]

Google Australia brings cycling directions to Google Maps

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Google Australia have been busy working on a new feature for Google Maps in Australia – cycling directions. The company today added the ability to find directions for those who would like to travel by bike, a feature that was, according to an official blog post, high-up on many people’s wish-list for the continued localisation of Google Maps in Australia. Despite the mighty warning that it’s in beta, the new […]

Review : LG Optimus

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When we got the phone in our grubby hands, it was a Telstra exclusive. Days later, it was a phone on all carriers. This is the LG Optimus, one of two running on Android, and the only one here in Australia. However, with rival carriers Optus and Vodafone/3 carrying the phone on a cheaper plan than Telstra’s, is this phone a budget phone or a full-fledged phone? As well, how […]

Nokia makes navigation free on its GPS devices

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Nokia has announced that it will make all GPS-enabled Nokia devices allowed to access for free its Ovi Maps service – including turn-by-turn navigation and city guides -to over 74 countries in 46 languages. Previously, Nokia has limited basic map navigation for those using it for free, and turn-by-turn navigation and city guides were additional extras. By making this free, according to Executive Vice President Anssi Vanjoki, he hopes to […]

Google is stealing your information!

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Just when you thought Google could get any more creepy, just look at this video from the TV Show “Hungry Beast” showing in Australia on the ABC Television network. Maybe you should think twice about pushing that signup button to gMail or pushing that “Sign up to latitude” on your iPhone. I know I haven’t!

Google Maps gets overhaul – New Street View interface, Wikipedia articles and Photo metadata

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Google Maps has been given a overhaul, which includes a brand new interface on its popular-yet-controversial Street View service, new “Terrain” mode and allows you to get images and their Wikipedia articles of the places thanks to their metadata and locations (these can be found by the “More” link”. The new interface now puts Street View above the map, not overlaid in a speech bubble, and has brand new controls […]

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