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Finally? Google Docs offline editing coming ‘in coming weeks’

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The vice president of engineering at Google, Linus Upson has revealed that Google Docs will finally work offline, as the current Chrome OS commercial promises, in the coming weeks. While talking to a number of UK journalists, Upson revealed that it would be finally updating the app, saying “In the coming weeks we’re going to be launching Google Docs offline. You’ve been able to view Google Docs offline for a […]

Exclusive: Google Drive gets closer: subdomain becomes active

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Rumours are getting very loud that Google Docs will soon be renamed to Google Drive and I think Google, themselves, have just proven the existance of the rebranding and change. Last week when you went to the domain wouldn’t resolve. This week, however, shows a 404 Not Found message. This means that the subdomain has been added by Google, making the rumours much more believeable. The Wall […]

Insync offers cheaper alternative to Dropbox

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Dropbox, the current leader in cloud file syncing, may finally have a worthy competitor in the form of insync, a new file syncing service which uses your pre-existing Google storage to keep you constantly hooked to the cloud. One of the big hurdles of keeping your files in sync using Google Docs when compared to Dropbox is the fact that you always have to use the online editor or be […]

Google’s top bar is about to be redesigned according to leaked video [update: It’s official]

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Update: Google has officially announced the changes on their blog and the new bar will begin rolling out now. Original:¬†While Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and a number of other Google services have been given a fresh coat of Google+ paint, each service still uses the same old top bar from when these services were first introduced, apart from it being black now. But according to a realistic looking video […]

Google releases offline Gmail, Docs and Calendar beta

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As promised at Google I/O 2011, Chromebooks and Windows, Mac and Linux browser, Google Chrome can now access Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs anywhere without an internet connection. Previously Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar had been available offline with a Google-made plugin called Google Gears. But a few months ago that was removed and it’s finally been replaced with a native HTML5 version. The feature, in Gmail’s case, […]

Google gives Gmail a two-pane view, kills Google Dictionary and revamps Google Docs

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Image: keso/Flickr (Creative Commons) Google has continued to revamp and refine their product lineup this week in a bid to bring their services closer together. Firstly, they’ve added a two-pane view, which they call Preview Pane, to Gmail Labs. If you don’t already know, a two-pane view allows you to read emails without leaving the page, as seen below. Gmail's new two-pane view This is far from revolutionary as Windows […]

Google brings printing to mobile devices… via the cloud

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See something new? Well, you should. Google has now introduced on its mobile versions of Google Docs and Gmail a brand new feature – printing. Yes, now you can print documents from Google Docs and Gmail from your mobile device. Wait, what? Yes, turns out it’s going to be using – you guessed it – the cloud via its new service Google Cloud Print. How does it work? It’s essentially […]

Jobs in email: MobileMe to “get a lot better” in 2011

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Without Find my iPhone – which was recently made free by Apple in order to shore up more users for the tracking software – the MobileMe service seems to be just another cloud file storage/communications provider that you probably wouldn’t waste over $99 for it when you could get it for free at other providers. Well, according to MacRumours, Steve Jobs may have hinted at a possible revamp for MobileMe, […]

Google releases new Docs improvements – includes new drawing tool

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Google has brought some new improvements to its Docs service – including a brand new collaborative drawing application (as seen from above, and more about that is below). Some new improvements include sidebar chat to the document editor and some tweaks to the performance to the real-time collaborative experience – meaning that it hopefully doesn’t lag anymore, and seeing every character being typed. Changes to the document editor include changing […]

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