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Google announces Chromebook Pixel

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Google have today announced the next laptop to their Chromebook line. The Chromebook Pixel, a touchscreen laptop for those who live up in the clouds. The laptop features a 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 32 or 64GB SSD and a measly 5 hours of battery life. The Chromebook has a 12.85-inch display and according to Google, has the highest pixel density of any laptop screen on the market today with 239 […]

Finally? Google Docs offline editing coming ‘in coming weeks’

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The vice president of engineering at Google, Linus Upson has revealed that Google Docs will finally work offline, as the current Chrome OS commercial promises, in the coming weeks. While talking to a number of UK journalists, Upson revealed that it would be finally updating the app, saying “In the coming weeks we’re going to be launching Google Docs offline. You’ve been able to view Google Docs offline for a […]

Google Chrome Beta lands on the Android Market

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As if Google Chrome OS wasn’t irrelevant enough, Google has today announced a beta for Google Chrome on Android. It’s only available in select countries, which includes Australia, and only works on Android 4.0, or Ice-Cream Sandwich. The browser looks similar to the default Android browser on Android phones, and looks very much like desktop Chrome on tablets. The benefits include syncing your bookmarks and tabs between the desktop version and […]

Google releases offline Gmail, Docs and Calendar beta

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As promised at Google I/O 2011, Chromebooks and Windows, Mac and Linux browser, Google Chrome can now access Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs anywhere without an internet connection. Previously Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar had been available offline with a Google-made plugin called Google Gears. But a few months ago that was removed and it’s finally been replaced with a native HTML5 version. The feature, in Gmail’s case, […]

Chrome OS Pilot Program to go international, but when?

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It’s a shame that Google couldn’t open the program outside of America, because we really would like to try one out (and possibly me beating Stewart and Tom to get it), but there’s some news. The entire blogosphere (well, the one that is outside of the United States) is going crazy over the fact that Google has confirmed that Chrome OS’ CR-48 laptops and its pilot program will go international, […]

TECHGEEK Podcast #22: It’s a series of tubes

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It’s the second to last show of the year! And we go off with some Wikileaks news, because that has happen to dominate the news, with all the hacking and arrests. Wow. As well, we discuss the new Facebook profile design changes, and the new Chrome OS laptop. We also find that Tom has had his internet capped, George Lucas is creepy, Steve Jobs has something he wants to say […]

Dell exec confirms Google talks about Chrome OS

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NEWS IN BRIEF: A Dell executive has confirmed reports that the company is in talks with Google to put the Chrome OS – which is based on the browser – on its laptops. According to Amit Midha, the President for Greater China and South Asia for Dell, the company are talking about the use of the OS and its future. “We have to have a point of view on the […]

Google brings out tablet UI concept

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A rumoured Google competitor to the weirdly named device called the iPad from Apple might be on its way. According to Neowin, Google might partner up with HTC (again) to produce a Google tablet, which would complement its Chrome OS. However, the OS might be able to have different user interfaces on the different size of screen. According to the website, the UI would be stretched out the full screen […]

Google announces new operating system based on Chrome

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Google has announced today what is seen to finally set itself as a major rival to Microsoft on all platforms, and not only in the mobile, search advertising, and in internet browsers; as it will be developing its very own, open source ooperating system. Set to launch at the second half of 2010, the new operating system will be based on the Chrome browser, and is focused on netbooks. “It’s […]

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