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Google kills Buzz and Jaiku, to focus on Google+

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Google Buzz, the company’s other social network that was launched last year, and its Twitter clone Jaiku are being axed in its recent project cleanup in order to allow developers to focus on the company’s newest project Google+. “We learned a lot from products like Buzz, and are putting that learning to work every day in our vision for products like Google+,” Bradley Horowitz, Vice President for Product, said in […]

Facebook goes damage control – calls privacy meeting

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With growing pressure from many of the users on Facebook, the social networking site is being reported to have called an “all hands” meeting tomorrow (or today if you live in California) to discuss the overall privacy strategies that have actually done the opposite of what the company wants – push people away instead of making more people sign up to the service.

Microsoft wants you to be social… on Outlook

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Despite Google Buzz becoming an abysmal failure, Microsoft has decided to release a plugin for Outlook 2010 Beta that will allow you to view what you and your friends are doing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or on its Sharepoint service (because that is apparently going to bring in social networking features to the workplace). It’s pretty much going to tell you what your friends are doing in real time (which […]

Google launches its Twitter killer – Buzz

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Google has added a new feature in GMail that is said by many to be a¬†Facebook/Twitter killer – which I highly doubt. Called the Google Buzz, its a new way to start “conversations about things you find interesting,” and you will be able to post status updates, videos and photos (essentially, like Facebook). Google is touting this to be like a converstation – something that sounds a bit weird – […]

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