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Will Google’s new ‘Shared Endorsements’ affect you?

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Probably not. As expected, the backlash in tabloid tech blogs and news websites over Google’s new ‘Shared Endorsements’ system has been overwhelming, but also misinformed. Google today will begin enforcing their new Terms of Service for all Google+ users over the age of 18, allowing the company to present your Google+ name, photo and endorsements throughout its advertising network. However, as is usually the case with Google coverage, the privacy angle […]

‘Click Here to infect your PC!!!’

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Didier Stevens created a fake ad to see who would click on his link. This was a test to see who would be stupid enough to click on a link that would say… Is your PC virus-free? Get it infected here. Surprisingly, 409 people did. Here is how he did this experiment… I bought the domain. .info domains are notorious for malware hosting. I setup a web server to […]

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