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Apple releases two new “Get a Mac” holiday ads

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We love Christmas (and the holidays), and why not celebrate it by watching the two new Christmas/Holiday-themed “Get a Mac” ads from Apple. Entitled “I Can Do Anything” and “Tree Trimming”, these follows last year’s style of animation, instead of using the real actors to perform the scenes, and like always, they are very, very amusing. I Can Do Anything is where the PC shows off what he can do […]

Get A Mac, but cheaper…

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Searching Apple’s Store today and I found a way to get Apple’s iPods and Macs cheaper. Though they are the old versions, the Macs are still good. Like this MacBook 13.3 inch that’s Black with it’s latest product… Refurbished MacBook Black Today’s MacBook Black There is not much difference, just the hard drive and the processor speeds; but the refurbished one still looks good. The Price for the refurbished one […]