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Facebook under pressure to remove Holocaust denial groups

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Facebook is facing pressure by a Texas attorney to have the site remove pages and groups that promote the denial of the Holocaust, a movement that seeks to minimize or deny the claims made by Jews during World War II, which about six million Jews were killed by the Nazis. The attorney, Brian Cuban, is the brother of Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and has been trying to […]

Germany to order ISPs to filter child porn sites

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German officials are said to be soon asking internet service providers in Germany to filter websites that they deem offensive, in order to stop the spread of child pornography on the internet, according to German news magazine Der Spiegel (link is in German). It will also work with search engines, including Google, to create a blacklist that would not show any sites listed there on the results page on Google. […]

Germany’s first Apple Store opens on Saturday

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Germans will be happy to find out that their first Apple Retail Store will be opening on Saturday at Rosensta├če in Munich, with the store being opened at 10am. Already, there are some photos from inside the store, while the press opener (thanks TUAW!) is up already in German (and you can find the translation of it here).

Nokia buys German social network

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NEWS IN BRIEF: TechCrunch is reporting that Nokia has acquired Plazes, a German social network. Pricing has not been disclosed. It plans to keep its thirteen employees and its Berlin office, but the network will be under Nokia’s Services & Software unit.

Google loses Gmail name (in Germany)

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A German court has ruled that Google cannot use the name “Gmail” in Germany, upholding a claim by 33-year old Daniel Giersch’s e-mail service, called “G-mail”, that was launched 4 years before the search giant started “Gmail”. Mr. Giersch’s lawyers have also said to the court that it has put them into a costly three-year marathon of lawsuits in Germany and also in Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. Giersch has also […]

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