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Geek Out: Cosplay + Free Hugs = Armageddon 2011

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Two Star Wars cosplayers in the main hall (Image: Terence Huynh/ Let us indulge in some geek fandom. Armageddon 2011 was on last weekend (October 22 and 23) at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, and with previews of Batman: Arkham City and, especially for most of the editors on this very site, Rooster Teeth making a presence, we’ve decided to tag along and attend. Being such a virgin for such geek […]

Play putty comes alive with a magnet

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Wow. That’s about all we can say. This gadget is truly AWESOME! Yes, I know, I’m showing off my inner child, but this is unbelievable (and yet, it is real). Say hello to the Magnetic Thinking Putty, and it is literally just putty with something special – use the included magnet and it comes alive! Well, it actually is just attracted to the metal. There is no living organisms in […]

iOS icons recreated only using CSS

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What an interesting find we have here. These, of course, are the icons you will find in iOS. However, these ones above are not images, all of them were created just using normal HTML code and CSS3. Wait, what? Produced by the Louis Harboe, the icons look exactly like their iOS counterparts. These icons utilised what the W3C – the guys who create the standards that we use to render […]

Dress like Master Chief – Steampunk style!

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Guess what! Now you can dress like Master Chief like it was 1850. Remember that? The Victorian era? Oh wait, we weren’t born yet. Done by an artist called Christophe, he created a steampunk version of the helmet wore by the spartans on Halo using only four layers of acrylic paint to give it a brushed metal feel and PVC piping to create the, lack for any other words, pipe. […]

Gamer makes Transformers All Sparks a reality – for his Xbox 360

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So, since we are heading towards a long weekend, why not post some gadget-craving blog posts, since we’ve been a bit slow on the gadgets news since CES (and trying to get back into the habit of blogging). We turn our attention to this All Spark from Transformers  – wait, what? Isn’t that supposed to be fictional? Turns out, it’s real but not what you expect it to be. A […]

Rumour: Heroes told to prepare for ending

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RUMOUR MILL: It looks like Heroes could be given its final chapter, with rumours of its demise circling around the web today. Sources talking to sci-fi site Airlock Alpha has said that executives from NBC (the channel that airs it in America) have told producers to wind down the series, with the finale pencilled in in May. “There isn’t much happening with this show in terms of audience, and giving […]

Geek Out : Introducing, a PC made out of a Danish toy

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Finally, something you can make that is geeky with Lego. (Image from Luke Andersen) In our second edition of Geek Out, we introduce the first, fully functioning PC made out of that popular Danish toy that we used to make a lot of things – Lego. Luke Andersen, a computer science major from Rensselar Polytechnic Institute, has built a PC that is completely made out of black Lego bricks. Designing […]

Geek Out: MAME console in a TARDIS

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It’s not bigger on the inside, but it has a kick-arse MAME controller. While there are things that we certainly think that are weird, we don’t think this is – unless you are not a game freak or a Doctor Who fan. You really have to be a nerd to actually design this system, and even build a MAME controller in a design just like the console of the TARDIS […]

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