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Was it ‘ethical’ for Gawker to unmask a Reddit troll?

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Last week saw a lot of drama across the internet with Gawker Media’s decision to unmask a Reddit troll known as ‘Violentacrez’ – revealed to be a 49-year-old man from Texas. Some Redditors retaliated, putting a self-imposed ban on any Gakwer-related websites and calling the move ‘unethical’. But was it? Unlike ‘professional journalists’, bloggers don’t have a professional body to dictate ethics. However, since the line has pretty much blurred […]

Gadgetlyst Bytes 3: iPads, Xooms and Zunes

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Welcome to the third episode of Gadgetlyst Bytes – our new monthly podcast recapping the month in gadget news. This month, we take a look at all of the new iPad, Xoom, Atrix, Commodore 64 and of course, Zune! Hosted by Stewart and I Terence and Tom (because Stewart is ‘too tired’), we also provide you an update of the all the latest reviews on, namely the Nokia E7 and Parallels Desktop […]

TECHGEEK Podcast #23: The Live Unorganised Organised Podcast

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We were planning to recording our live show, but Stewart forgot – with the exception of this 30 minute segment of the news. So, we decided to release this – as a way to recap this week’s news. So, what happened in the week. Assange was released on bail, Gawker got hacked and some new Microsoft slates We also have some last minute additions as we reveal our plans for […]

Gawker incorporates Defamer, most of the staff gone

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Gawker Media has decided to incorporate their Hollywood gossip blog, Defamer, into its main blog Gawker – where gossip from New York, Silicon Valley and (now) Hollywood will now co-exist. However, the staff will no longer be a part of the site, with the writers sticking around for the remainder of the week. This follows a similar plan to what they did with Valleywag, and is part of a continuous […]

Gawker to sell Consumerist blog to Consumers Union

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Gawker Media has sold the Consumerist blog to the publisher of Consumer Reports, Consumers Union, according to the New York Times. The blog, which is often the place where consumers place their complaints about stores and products, is expected to become a division within the new owner, and the current editorial staff is not expected to change and will remain publishing the blog. Terms were not disclosed, but the deal […]

More bad news over at Gawker – more layoffs even though revenues climb 39%

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Nick Denton has laid off more people over Gawker Media, publishers of Gizmodo and the Kotaku, even though ad revenues for the company climbed to 39% over last years result, with 20% coming from Google ads from each site’s search result – according to a report on The Silicon Alley Insider. Media Bistro broke the news early today, with cuts coming from its popular blogs Gawker, Gizmodo and Jezebel; with […]

Gawker sells off Consumerist

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Yes, its true – Gawker Media has decided to sell off another title, The Consumerist, hoping that it could thrive without the powerful backing of Nick Denton and the huge cost-cutting he has done at Gawker, including axing several bloggers (while hiring new ones) and consolidate Valleywag into the mainstream Direct inquiries can be made to [email protected] Maybe Gawker needs to find itself a sugardaddy, just like rival Weblogs […]

Valleywag to become part of

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Gawker Media has decided to make its tech-gossip blog Valleywag a section of its main New York gossip blog, effectively shutting down the site, according to Silicon Alley Insider. The reason, according to CNET News, is that it was an underperforming title. The site will remain the same, just be moving domains. Gawker Media previously axed 19 jobs in early October, including three staffers from Valleywag, but added new […]

Gawker to fire 19 staff at blog network

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19 people will be fired from Gawker Media, publisher of Gizmodo and Kotaku, but he will also bring in 10 new people to work on his stronger titles (like Gizmodo and Kotaku). As well, according to Silicon Alley Insider, Gawker will also suspend its controversial page view bonus plan for the remaining writers at the beginning of 2009. Among those cut include three of Valleywag’s 5 staffers and two from […]