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The Year in Review 2009 – Australia in Perspective

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The year 2009 has been an interesting year for Australians. Not only we remember the political scandals like Utegate and the Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O’s controversial lie detector stunt on radio; but we also remember how Australians got together and showed solidarity amongst one another via charity work after the Bushfires caused havoc to many Australians living in the countryside in Victoria. now takes a look back at […]

UK video game ratings set to change – game makers angry

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New changes to game classifications in the UK has sparked a row between the government and game makers over who should be in charge with the ratings system. The game industry wants its own code, which is voluntary, to the official code for games. Currently, all games fall under the PEGI (or Pan European Game Information) system – which is followed all over Europe; except a few games (3%) which […]

Europe games rating face update

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The Pan European Game Information, or PEGI, is set to get a ratings update after a survey was done in all of the EU member states. The survey has revealed that some nations have not done anything to enforce the age limits, with a code of conduct is being suggested with retailers around Europe. The survey was carried out by the European Commission, after a request by the Council of […]

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