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Gadgetlyst Bytes 10: Talking

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This month, well, we talk. That is it. Talk Stewart and Tom just talk. Of course they have some stories that help the conversions (listed below) so listen in and see what you think. Also this was recorded a week early due to Stewarts inability to read a calendar! See you next month! DOWNLOAD MP3 SUBSCRIBE via iTunes SUBSCRIBE via RSS Show Notes The Stories TIT FOR TAT – […]

Gadgetlyst Bytes 7: Nokia N9, Raspberry Pi and redesigning game design…

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This month on the show we talk about the hands-on Tom had with the Nokia N9, the Raspberry Pi $25 computer and that ‘atom by atom’ game engine. Stewart and Tom have made a record, this being the second time in a row both them have been on the show at the same time. So don’t forget to subscribe and download and RSS and whatever else you can do. See you next […]