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TECHGEEK Weekly 27: CES is driving us GaGa

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And we’re back officially. CES was in full swing, and we saw a lot of tablets, 4G phones and 3D from Sony. We also had crazy Harvey Norman trying to put GST on our purchases online, Facebook being valued at $50 billion and the Mac App Store launch – and hack. And yes, it is the first hour long podcast – and the only one as it seems. But, hey, […]

Dell goes 3D with new desktops and laptops

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Dell XPS 17 – The first 3D laptop from Dell (Image: Dell) Dell is about to join the long list of computer makers to have added 3D to their desktops and laptops, as it plans to have three desktops and laptops to allow customers to view their 3D content on their screen. And yes, you will need to wear the glasses.

Panasonic goes crazy with 3D, Plasma and LCD televisions

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VIERA TC-L42U30 LCD-LED HDTV (Image: Panasonic) Panasonic is going crazy with televisions, despite the fact we haven’t seen those announcements of the largest plasma televisions in the entire world. But with 14 3D televisions with HD, 7 plasma televisions, 6 LCD-LED HDTVs and 5 LCD HDTVs, Samsung is also pushing 3D television – like many other television producers (i.e. Sony). It’s LCD and LCD-LED lineup will feature In Plane Switching […]

Sony brings out “Double Full HD” 3D camcorder – HDR-TD10

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Sony is to release the first “Double Full HD” 3D consumer camcorder that will bring your memories not only in high definition, but in 3D high definition. Yes, it is pointless and very unnecessary, but since Sony is pushing this 3D World, they are going to milk this for all of its worth. The camcorder features two lenses – where both will be used in recording 3D, and one will […]

Sony brings out 27 new LCD televisions

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Sony's BRAVIA XBR-HX929 LCD Television (Credit: Sony) Sony’s press conference was simply bringing the 3D experience to your house, and with its new BRAVIA LCD HDTV lineup for 2011, it plans to do so. The company will bring out this year 27 new televisions – 16 are capable of watching 3D content, and 22 have internet connectivity. The 3D televisions will share common features, such as a 5:5 pull down […]

Vivo 40″ Full HD LCD TV [Bargain Hunter]

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Looking for a new TV in the living room for christmas. Or do you need a new TV for your children to play their new Xbox 360 with? Well For one day only, Dick Smith Electronics (DSE) are selling a 40″ Full HD LCD TV for just $499 down from $729. That’s a whole $230 off. It has HDMI inputs, VGA input, 5ms response time and 1920 x 1080 resolution. […]

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