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Father and Son to pay $8 million for rouge security products

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Fathers and sons usually go fishing or watch a football game, but deceiving unsuspecting people with rouge security applications? Well, one father-and-son duo will now pay over $8 million to settle charges by the Federal Trade Commission – with that money to be used to reimburse victims of their scam. Marc D’Souza, the son, and Maurice D’Souza, the father, are among seven people connected to two companies that operated under […]

Report: FTC to investigate Apple on app tatics

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The Federal Trade Commission is said to be opening an investigation on whether Apple has been using its position as the mobile application market to harm its competitors – including those in the mobile-advertising market, where Apple is set to open its own mobile ad provider iAd in July – according to several publications. Both the US Justice Department and FTC were under discussions whether which agency would conduct the […]