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iiNet victorious in AFACT trial

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iiNet has been given a huge victory against a long-running lawsuit by the film and TV studios represented by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT); which included Village Roadshow, Universal Pictures, Warber Bros, 20th Century Fox, Disney and the Seven Network. The court finding that iiNet’s role in giving access to copyright infringers to BitTorrent does not mean that it is authorising the infringement, and is protected by a […]

Mininova shuts tracker, goes legit with content delivery

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Mininova has announced that it will remove all copyright infringing material and use its site to deliver those under its Content Distribution Network, effective immediately, it said in a blog posting. Mininova was planning to install a filter under compliance with a  ruling by the Court of Utrecht that decided in favour with BRIEN, the industry group representing the recording and movie industries in the Netherlands before scrapping the idea […]

Fring brings Skype, VoIP to iPhone

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You can now use VoIP and Skype without jailbreaking your iPhone, thanks to Fring, a free mobile Voice-over-IP service, after releasing a brand new app for the Appleā€™s App Store. This means, basically, you can now make Skype-to-Skype calls on your iPhone. As well as the Skype functionality, Fring will also allow you to chat (and call) your friends over on MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo, Twitter, ICQ and its […]