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ABC News 24 launches on Freeview

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ABC News 24 has officially launched on the Freeview platform today, with the first program broadcasting at 7:30PM. The program was simulcast on ABC1, replacing the 7:30 Report. The new channel, which replaces ABC HD, is the first free-to-air 24 hour news channel. However, because of government regulations, the channel will be broadcasting in HD in order to meet with HD quota requirements. This, however, will be reviewed once the […]

So, what is the future of television?

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Digital Television is set to dominate our televisions when 2013 finally comes, when the Government will finally switch off the last analogue television signal in the metropolitan cities – but after the switchover, what will happen next? We seem to have never asked ourselves what will happen in the future of television. Will it become non-existent because of the Internet, or will it still play a potential role for news? […]

Introducing ONE HD and ONE Digital – well, not really

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EXCLUSIVE : Ten will no longer be providing a HD simulcast, with breakaway programming, when its new ONE channel, a 24-hour sports channel for Freeview, comes into launch; as seen in the images above taken by In the lead up to it, Ten has moved TEN HD from Channel 12, where it has been since it was launched in 2007, to Channel 11, while a new Channel – called […]

Commercial networks “not serious” about the digital revolution

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When the clock struck midnight on New Years Day, it didn’t mean the start of a brand new year, but the start of Australia’s own digital television revolution where the commercial channels were permitted to broadcast a single, standard definition multichannel; to complement the main feed and their own high definition feed. However, even though it has been permitted, it doesn’t mean that the commercial channels have to take up […]

Freeview to be launch tonight – 6:29PM

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According to a report on What’s On The Tube, all of the major free-to-air television networks (ABC, SBS, Seven, Nine and Ten) would be broadcasting ads about the new “FreeView” initiative that will support the take up of free-to-air digital television. This basically means that it is a “roadblock”, meaning that you can’t escape it – unless you have Foxtel. FreeView is expected to launch with 15 channels, and a […]

Australia to get Freeview initiative, follows NZ and UK success

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All of Australia’s broadcasting corporations, including the public broadcasters and the regional affiliates, have announced a new initiative to follow the footsteps of similar plans in New Zealand and the UK, Freeview. The ‘Freeview’ initiative was started in the UK to help drive the take-up of free-to-air digital television in Australia, with the ABC’s Director of Television, Kim Dalton, will chair the organization in Australia. In New Zealand, almost of […]

UK: Freeview to start HD in 2009

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Viewers will be able to watch high definition television (HDTV) on Freeview from 2009, the broadcast watchdog has confirmed. Ofcom has said that new technologies and the digital switchover will enable more channels, including HD services. However, viewers who want to watch the new services will need a HD-ready TV and a brand new set-top box. The new services are expected to start at the north-west of England. Up to […]

The Battle of HD Multi Channelling…

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EDITORIAL: Since the age of digital television, I thought Australia is just way behind. Let’s face it, only the ABC and SBS are allowed to multi channel. But now, I think I might change my mind. Channel Ten and the Seven Network both announced that they will launch their High Definition (HD) multi channels. This comes after the Government lifted multi channelling restrictions. Current laws now state that channels are […]

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