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France Telecom confirms Apple tablet? [Updated]

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Turns out, the French aren’t that really good in keeping a secret after all. France Telecom executive Stéphane Richards has revealed that France Telecom, which runs the Orange network in the country and is one of the carriers in France to sell the iPhone, will sell the Apple tablet – confirming its existence, according to a video posted on Richards also confirmed, after being asked by journalist Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, […]

French competition watchdog suspends iPhone exclusive deal with Orange

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The French competition watchdog has suspended the agreement between Apple and France Telecom of having the iPhone exclusively to customers of Orange, the No. 1 mobile operator in France. The Competition Council has said that the decision was to allow customers to get the iPhone with a contract with any other mobile phone operator in the country. France Telecom has said that it intends to appeal the decision, and says […]