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Majestic Pack Pack – Coming February 25th

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Halo Waypoint have just released new screenshots and a Behind the Scenes video of the upcoming Majestic map pack, which includes Landfall, Monolith and Skyline, two small and one medium sized maps. Pushing fun, close quarters combat, the Majestic map pack may be the answer to the current map rotation in War Games and get players back on Halo 4 multiplayer

Destiny ViDoc: Pathways Out of Darkness

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Its finally February 17th, and what better way to start the week with a reveal of Bungies new game, Destiny. In form of a Video Documentary, Bungie finally shows us what they have been up to in the past few years, with concept art, character designs, in-game graphics and gameplay. Striving to create a game with a rich universe and unique gameplay experience, Bungie aims to create a universe just […]

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