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Foxconn “ahead of schedule” in improving working conditions, says Fair Labor Association

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After an initial investigation in February – initiated by Apple, in the wake of a New York Times piece and a Mike Daisey’s piece on Apple working conditions (which was later retracted) – the Fair Labor Association has released their follow-up verification report to see if they are implementing the 195 actions that had to happen, and the organisation has found that some progress has been made. “Our verification shows […]

OPINION: Foxconn is not just an Apple problem, it’s a consumer problem – and there’s no way out

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Image of Foxconn's facilities (Image by ttstam/Flickr, under Creative Commons) You may have heard in the news that Apple has had a serious problem with building its products with China. Constant news reports from the main technology press, and soon the more mainstream press, have shined a light of the inner workings of its manufacturing partners. But, why are we so focused on Apple? We shouldn’t focus on them at […]

Apple manufacturer Foxconn hacked after protests over labour conditions

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Screenshot of the data dump (Image: 9to5Mac) Controversial manufacturer Foxconn has been hacked in protest over its working conditions, with the group leaking login details of the staff inside the company. This comes as protesters are demanding Apple to make an “ethically-made iPhone 5”. Yes, because they are stuck between two problems – remain hipster with the iPhone, or support poor working conditions. I know, it’s a really hard decision. […]