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USB memory sticks – Utility or fashion accessory?

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I recently received an email containing several pictures of USB memory sticks, or Flash Drives as they are sometimesknown.  But these weren’t your average personal storage or transport of important information……these were novelty! A search then ensued and I was astounded by the different amount of odd and also useful styles. Check out my findings after the break.

Floppy disk turned into USB – relive the 80s!

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Relive the 80s with the new Floppy Disk USB drive. No, we are not kidding. Basically, it has just been retrofitted to have a stand and some flash memory. As well, it has LED lights so you can actually tell if its working or not. The creator has even made a mock-up of it (see above). The good thing is that it recycles those old, ancient floppy disks and gives […]

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