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TECHGEEK Weekly 36: The Hidden Truth

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More censorship is coming to the App Store, Kogan makes the $1 million bet, and we see the insides of the iPad 2. Oh, and we have gone Charlie Sheen-mad this week after the release of the Gregory Brothers’ “Winning” song. Since Tom (and James, but he never shows up) is not here this week, we get Dave Barranquero – some random person that Chris and Stewart know – as […]

Dev Team: iOS 4.0.2 jailbreak not in the works

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After the iOS 4.0.2 firmware update – the very same one that patched an exploit that allowed people to jailbreak their iOS device via a PDF – you may have wondered why your jailbroken iPhone no longer was jailbroken. Well we have some news to tell you about it – some very, very bad news. The iPhone Dev Team have announced that they will not release an update that would […]

Rumour Mill : New iPhone firmware has podcast downloads

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AppleInsider is reporting that a leak in the new iPhone 2.2 firmware will see a podcast download function in bulit with the phone, instead of requiring to use iTunes on your main computer. The function is said to use Wi-Fi to download the latest episodes of podcasts by pressing a “Get More Episodes” link. However, it is unknown if you will be able to subscribe to a show as well. […]

PSP Firmware 5.01 to fix Memory Stick problems

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So, Sony has admitted that they screwed up in Firmware 5.00 for the PlayStation Portable. Though they included the PlayStation Store and direct downloads, there happens to be a glitch when people using high-capacity Memory Sticks (mainly the 8GB or 16GB cards) were being reported as being full, when they were really lots and lots of free space in them. Sony has said that an issue will be coming soon. […]

Firmware 2.5 out for PlayStation 3

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The PlayStation 3 Firmware is out, and it brings several changes – including in-game screenshots, introducing video scene thumbs and power save, and more importantly, FLASH 9 SUPPORT! This means you can now sit there and watch shows from Hulu (or ABC iView in Australia). Source: PSX Extreme

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