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Microsoft celebrates the new version of….Firefox?

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What a fun world we live in. Whenever Firefox releases a major update to their browser, Microsoft sends them a lovely cake. It’s a funny and positive tradition and Firefox 5 is no exception to it. Mozilla’s VP of Engineering just tweeted a picture of their latest cake, which is a little smaller than they’re used to, probably because Firefox 5 is a little smaller than we’re used to. [blackbirdpie […]

Mozilla Firefox 5 released

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Just a few months after the release of Firefox 4, the team at Mozilla have pushed out Mozilla Firefox 5. The update doesn’t bring any UI improvements but it does feature some behind the scenes improvements for example Improved canvas, JavaScript, memory, and networking performance and as well improved standards support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL, and canvas. You can check out the full Release Notes here.

TECHGEEK Weekly 38: That’ll be $78 Trillion, please

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James Wilson, holding his new partner at the iPad 2 Launch (Image: Stewart Wilson/ Despite the fact that Tom, James and Stewart aren’t on, the TECHGEEK Weekly Podcast still lives on, and we discuss the launch of the iPad 2, talk about the BlackBerry Playbook to come with Android applications and the fact that Duke Nukem Forever is delayed (again!). We also find out that Tom, James and Stewart really […]

Mozilla pushes out Firefox 4 – copies Chrome in more ways than one

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After Internet Explorer 9 got some good press for its revamp look, Mozilla – not wanting Microsoft get all the good goss – has officially launched their new version of Firefox, version 4.0. And it’s kind of obvious where Firefox got their new UI inspiration from – rival Chrome. While it’s obvious that it looks copied, it does mean a new shift for 4.0. The new UI see tabs now […]

Video: A History Of Internet Explorer

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With the release of Internet Explorer 9 this week, the group who upgraded from Windows 1 to 7 have made a new video detailing the history of Microsoft’s (statistically) popular browser, Internet Explorer, all the way from version 1 to the newest member of the IE family, Internet Explorer 9. Check out the video after the break and get ready to geek out.