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Jobs in email: MobileMe to “get a lot better” in 2011

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Without Find my iPhone – which was recently made free by Apple in order to shore up more users for the tracking software – the MobileMe service seems to be just another cloud file storage/communications provider that you probably wouldn’t waste over $99 for it when you could get it for free at other providers. Well, according to MacRumours, Steve Jobs may have hinted at a possible revamp for MobileMe, […]

TECHGEEK Podcast 20: The Big 2-0

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Yep. 20 episodes. We have actually made it this far, surprisingly, without being pulled from the internet because of our irrelevant and often nonsensical information regurgitation. Anyway, two million finds “She Loves You”, and we talk about Telstra finally being split up into two. Also, Farmville is no longer the King of Facebook applications and we get into a heated discussion of whether an iPad 2 will be out (I […]

How to Replace MobileMe for Free

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Apple’s online suite, while expensive, does look pretty. But can you get most of the job it does for free? You bet.┬áHere are some free alternatives to MobileMe applications. Oh, and excuse my l33t Photoshop skills.