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“Fallout 3” publisher won’t commit in getting downloadable content for PS3

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After the credits roll on Fallout 3, that’s the end of the game. You can’t play any of the unfinished side quests, unless you play from an old save of the game; and that’s what was the major complaint from many of the gamers who played the game on the PC, Xbox 360 or PS3. But all of that is going to change, as MTV Multiplayer Blog is reporting that […]

ABC apologies for Fallout 3 discussion

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Remember when Q&A, that show on the ABC, discussed about video game ratings – well, they have now apologised for their poor discussion over the topic, especially when host Tony Jones said that video games had no classification system, unlike DVDs and Videos. “The ABC apologises for the information provided by presenter Tony Jones in the middle of the discussion on gaming and agrees that it may have been confusing […]

GamesArena : Fallout 3 cleared for Australian Release

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While the original version of Fallout 3 was deemed to be too violent for an MA15+ rating in Australia by the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) – effectively giving it an RC, or Refused Classification rating, the revised version of the game has managed to pass the censors to be classified under the maximum rating possible – MA15+. The game also features “Strong violence, drug references and coarse […]

Fallout 3 given RC rating by OFLC

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The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification has given an RC rating to Fallout 3. RC typically means “refused classification” and means that the game is banned from sale unless a modified version is made. Australia has no “adult” rating in its game classification system, even though the ratings were updated to match the film and television ratings in 2006. If Zenimax, the distributors, and Bethesda, the developers, want […]

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